Where did the rumor about robert downey jr playing the mandalorian come from?

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Please try again later. The initial rumor about Downey being in discussion with Iron Man director Jon Favreau and Lucasfilm to play a role in The Mandalorian came from scooper Daniel Ricthman as reported by We Got This Covered.

What Robert Downey Jr. Could Look Like As Live-Action Thrawn?

A new piece of fan art envisions former Avengers star Robert Downey Jr. as Star Wars’ villainous Grand Admiral Thrawn in the upcoming live-action Ahsoka spinoff of The Mandalorian.Since he first appeared in Timothy Zahn’s highly-praised Heir to the Empire novels, Thrawn has been a fan-favorite character.The infamous Chiss strategist was referenced by name in season 2 of The Mandalorian

Who will Robert Downey Jr. be playing in ‘The Mandalorian ? We don’t know. We don’t, in all honesty, whether he’s even in talks to appear - right now I’m seeing a lot of articles saying that he’s “reportedly” in consideration for a key role, but there’s nothing official right now. At least some of these re

Is Marvel bringing Iron Man back for more Avengers ? Recent comments from Avengers: Endgame co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo, as well as the Iron Man star himself Robert Downey Jr., suggest there may be …

Who Plays Ahsoka In The Mandalorian?

Playing Ahsoka is something of a dream come true for Dawson, who previously expressed interest in portraying Ahsoka in live-action. However, longtime Star Wars fans know it was Ashley Eckstein who voiced Ahsoka in her numerous animated appearances. Especially with Katee Scakhoff playing her Clone Wars and Rebels character Bo-Katan on The Mandalorian season 2, …

How Iron Man can rejoin the Avengers without ruining ?

There’s been increasing talk lately that Marvel and Robert Downey Jr. are working on bringing Iron Man back.Nothing is official, of course, and we’re yet to see any credible rumor from the

What if Robert Downey Jr. played Thrawn in Star Wars ? An artist’s fan art Ultraraw26, shows what Robert Downey Jr. might look like as Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars. The illustration shows what Avengers star Robert Downey Jr. would look like as the Star Wars villain Grand Admiral Thrawn in the upcoming The Mandalorian

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