Where did billy cannon go to high school?

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Billy Cannon (left) in 2008 at a 50th Anniversary celebration of the 1958 National Champion LSU football team. Thanks to Paul Dietzel II for these pictures. After high school, Cannon enrolled in Louisiana State University (LSU) where he began his great football career.

Heisman Winner Cannon Gets Early Prison Release?

Former Heisman Trophy winner Billy Cannon Sr. has been released from a federal prison in Texas after serving three years for making counterfeit $100 bills.

Cannon to celebrate 50th anniversary of Halloween run at ? Meet the Cannons Billy married his high school girlfriend, Dorothy, or Dot, after his freshman season at LSU. He had three of his five children - daughters Terry, Gina and Dara - …

History Class: The 1958 Gold Standard? Billy Cannon was an early adopter of Roy’s methods at Istrouma High, and Dietzel became a believer. Soon, the entire team was lifting, making LSU one of …

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