When to remove photos from enlisted and warrant officer promotion boards?

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Officials have also said they will begin an evaluation in August of whether to remove photos from enlisted and warrant officer promotion boards.

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Army senior leaders announced June 25 that photos will be removed from all promotion boards beginning in August 2020. (Photo by Sgt. James Geelen)

FISCAL YEAR 2022 ENLISTED TO WARRANT OFFICER RESERVE ? subj/fiscal year 2022 (fy22) enlisted to warrant officer (wo) reserve selection board// removal of photographs from consideration by promotion boards and selection processes pertaining to

Enlisted Promotions and Reductions? Enlisted Promotions and Reductions : History. mended Changes to Publications and Blank : ity’s senior legal officer. All waiver re- Conducting promotion boards • 3 – 12, page . 41. Processing results of the promotion board • 3 – 13, page . 43.

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A warrant officer is an officer who can and does command, carry out military justice actions and sits on both selection and promotion boards. A US warrant officer is a single-track specialty officer, initially appointed by their respective service secretary; he/she receives a commission upon promotion to chief warrant officer two (CW2).

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