How many contact hours are in a cme certificate?

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A: When entering your continuing education (CE) certificates into the log, you will be asked to enter the total number of contact hours for each educational program. A CME (continuing medical education) = 1 contact hour.

How Many CME Hours Is ACLS Worth?

These days, most reputable online ACLS providers offer CME credits upon successfully completing an ACLS Certification or Recertification course, which leaves little reason to choose a program that does not award any CME credits. The amount and type of CME credits and CE contact hours you receive can vary slightly between different providers.

How to Fulfill Your ANCC Pharmacology Requirement Fast ? 1 contact hour = 0.1 CEU; 1 CEU = 10 contact hours 1 academic semester credit = 15 contact hours; 1 academic quarter credit = 12.5 contact hours; 1 CME = 60 minutes or 1 contact hour; 4. You may submit the educational presentation or conference agenda as evidence to validate the contact hour calculation.

How do I get my CME Certificate? The only way to access your CME Certificate is through CME University. If you run into any issues accessing your CME Certificate, or if you have any further questions, please contact our Support Team via email , or by telephone at 800.688.6158 .

How to Transfer CME Credits and Apply for the AMA PRA ?

About Applying for Direct Credit. If you completed educational activities that were not certified by an accredited CME provider, you may still be able to earn AMA PRA Category 1 Creditâ„¢.Apply for Direct Credit to claim AMA PRA Category 1 Creditâ„¢ and get one certificate for each type of approved activity you have completed within the last 6 years.

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