Can a family member work in australia on a maritime crew visa?

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Family members are not permitted to work in Australia on a Maritime Crew visa. You can enter Australia by sea as a member of a non-military ship as many times as you want while the visa is valid.

Visa requirements for crew members?

It is usually illegal for crew members to perform repairs or do similar work without work permits when either in port, or when travelling in territorial waters. A few countries offer a visa waiver program or do not issue a crew visa, but allow entry for a limited time with mandatory clearance documents.

How to Apply for Australia Visa Lottery 2020/2021? The Australian family migration is a scheme to unite the immediate and extended family members with their eligible relatives in Australia. Family migration allows the family members to live and work temporarily or permanently in Australia with their relatives who are either the lawful permanent residents or citizens of the country.

Visa 601 Electronic Travel Authority Visa 601 Read ? Maritime Crew visa or Special Purpose visa. If you hold a Maritime Crew visa or a Special Purpose visa and you are granted an ETA, your ETA will come into effect when it is granted and you will hold both visas concurrently. When you arrive in Australia, you will enter on both visas. You can stay in Australia for the longer of the 2 visa periods.

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