Can a eu citizen still live in scotland?

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EU citizens living in Scotland are to be supported to remain in Scotland during and beyond the uncertainty associated with an EU exit, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

Scottish Government's position on EU Citizens' rights ?

The Scottish Government believes that remaining in the EU and the single market and continuing to benefit from the free movement of persons is in the best interests of Scotland

Visiting Scotland after Brexit? EU, EEA and Swiss citizens can stay in the UK as a visitor for up to 6 months without a visa. Irish citizens have no visa requirements and can travel to the UK as they did before Brexit. Other foreign nationals might need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa. You can check here if you need a UK visa.

What will happen to EU citizens after the December Brexit ? The clock is now ticking towards the December deadline for a trade deal between the UK and the European Union - leaving the three million EU citizens living in the country in limbo. A recent

Can European Union citizens vote in the local elections ?

EU citizens can vote if they live in the UK (Image: Derby Telegraph) Yes, as well as British citizens, EU citizens who live in the UK, and Commonwealth citizens

'Scottish citizens' will keep their British passports if ?

All Britons living in Scotland will automatically become 'Scottish citizens', even if they were born in England, Wales or Northern Ireland under Alex Salmond's plans for independence.

Which elections you can vote in Electoral Commission? EU citizens. If you hold EU citizenship (other than the Republic of Ireland, Malta and Cyprus), you can vote in Scottish Parliament and council elections. You can’t vote in UK Parliamentary general elections. Qualifying foreign citizens. If you are a qualifying foreign citizen living in Scotland, you can vote in Scottish Parliament and

Register to vote Electoral Commission? an EU citizen living in the UK aged 17 or older (or will be 17 by 30 November) (but you can’t vote until you’re 18 years old) Who can register to vote as an overseas voter

Can EU citizens vote in a general election? However, not everyone who lives in the UK can vote in a general election . More than three million EU citizens live in Britain, but unless they have British, Irish, Cypriot or Maltese citizenship

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