Are there only two sets of seats on jet2 holidays?

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I only got allocated two sets of seats. No matter what time of day, when I went on to check-in, it was always the same two. It's not a person doing it, just a bunch of code running on a box somewhere.

Is it worth pre booking seats with Jet2 if theres 3 of us ?

It's a chance you take. My experience is that we've never pre-booked seats, and in probably 40 round trips with the 3 of us, we've only been separated twice. Airline regulations state that they have to seat at least one of the adults with your son, so there shouldn't be any worries on that score.

Can I cancel my Jet2 Holiday and get a refund? The good news is that you can cancel your holiday with Jet2. The bad news is that you have to pay cancellation charges and you may not be able to recover much. It is important to note that the deposit you paid for when you booked your holiday (£60 per person) is non-refundable.

Which airline give you more legroom for your money? flybe. 15 each way. Virgin Atlantic. 50 for exit seats and 30 for extra legroom seats of 34 buy at check in only. Thomas Cook. From 35 to 80 return on standard flights and packages. British

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