Are there any other sports played at fenway park?

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Fenway Park has hosted other sports besides baseball. Soccer games have been played there, and the ball park was even home to professional football teams back in the day. However, nothing was more surreal than watching an ice hockey game take place at Fenway Park on New Year's Day of 2010.

What’s it like to pitch at empty Fenway Park?

OK, so Fenway Park wasn’t completely devoid of fandom on that Thursday afternoon, Sept. 16, 1965, when the Red Sox played the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park.

Why is the Red Sox Ballpark Called Fenway Park? As of 2020, Fenway Park has been the host of the World Series eleven times. In addition to hosting World Series games, Fenway Park had other sports in the venue. The Boston Patriots had six seasons at Fenway Park. The last game that the Boston Patriots had at Fenway Park was 1968 before moving to Foxborough, MA.

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List of outdoor ice hockey games?

History. In the early history of hockey, games were played outdoors on rivers, lakes, and other naturally occurring ice surfaces.In fact, the first indoor game, held in 1875, was a novelty at the time, yet after that the game moved inside.While the first Olympic hockey tournament, held in 1920, was played indoors, games at the first Winter Olympics in 1924 were the first of several such

Chris Sale impresses in rehab work on Fenway Park mound ?

Chris Sale was the center of attention at a near-empty Fenway Park on Friday afternoon, taking the mound four hours before the Red Sox played

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