Are drinks free in a cruise ship casino the same way they are in a land casino?

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Are drinks free in a cruise ship casino the same way they are in a land casino? Drinks are only free in casinos on ships where drinks are always free, such as luxury lines including Crystal, Silversea and Regent. On most ships, you'll have to pay for your drinks just like you do at the bar or in the dining room.

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It’s common in most casinos to get free drinks while you gamble, but that’s not the case on a cruise. Most people still have to pay out of pocket for their drinks while gambling. The casino will have a bar in the center that you can visit. Prices are the same as what you’ll find elsewhere on the ship.

What's The Deal With Cruise Ship Gambling? Cruise ships do need to have a premises license if they offer commercial gambling, but if the ship is “on a journey into or from international waters” then no premises license is even required

What to Expect on a Cruise: Cruise Ship Casinos? Yes, every cruise ship casino has penny slots. But they offer so many variations of ways to win that, at 1 cent per variation, your 1 cent bet can easily end up costing you more than $2 a go.

Who Regulates Cruise Ship Slot Machines?

If people see lots of winners early on, they'll play more the rest of the cruise. Personally, I stick to tabl mes on cruise ships. I find that if you play a lot in the casino, they will give you certain perks, like discounts on future cruises, free drinks for the rest of the cruise once you reach a certain points total, even a future free cruise.

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CRUISE HOLIDAYS offer some of the best amenities while at sea from theatre productions to five-star buffets. One establishment to avoid onboard, however, is the casino for a rather surprising reason.

Cruise ship gambling? I did not get as much as a free drink. My wife did play slots at about $100 a day of the total (or more) and ended up with the "Free DrinK" card on the very last day. That ended up getting her two free drinks. She also got an offer for a slightly lower casino rate and $75 in casino cash for our upcoming cruise.

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